DIY Geometric Bathroom Design

Hello everyone and welcome to DIY Daughter!

I would love to show you my first project, I designed and re-decorated my downstairs WC. I had just moved into a new estate home (6 months ago!) and I still have this really boring cream-walled little downstairs lavatory.

So I decided to give it a makeover, my theme in mind was a geometric design and the colours I chose for this were grey and gold. I wouldn’t recommend going for any more than 3-4 colours as this could start to look over crowded and too busy, which is not what I wanted, so that’s why I stuck to 2 colours only.

Geometrical designs include triangles, lines and squares. So I decided to stick to having most of my DIY themed around triangles.


I started off by using the masking tape to create the triangle shapes both in the top corner and in the corner above the sink tiles. After painting a couple of layers, I peeled off the tape and the results were so satisfying! Remember to tape the ceiling accurately to ensure that paint doesn’t go in a place you didn’t want it to go.

I got hold of these lovely hand-made triangular shelves from a local wood works man and sprayed the main (largest) triangle in gold and painted the others in the same grey paint I used on the wall. This way the colours matched perfectly!


Next were the final touches. I bought these vinyl stickers online in both grey and gold, whats great about these is that they are removable and can be repositioned at any time. A cheap and cheerful way of decorating any (boring) wall!

I also found an owl accessory decor (not sure what to call it) which was white, I sprayed this in gold to match the gold accent for the room and an old black frame was also quickly sprayed to create something new. I then found a picture from the internet of a geometric flamingo which was in pink, however I decided to print this in black & White as I thought this would look better.

The final accessories were the grey pedestal mat and hand towel. I went into a couple of stores to see if it was more worth it to buy a new grey mat, then to dye it myself. The results were, the mat was around £12-£15 so I went with the dye-it-yourself option which only cost me £4.


I am so happy with the results, this project didn’t take me days to complete (my time is already limited) within hours my downstairs lavatory was transformed into a modern and fun-looking little room, which made it both cozy and no longer plain.

Items I used, including the cost:

  • Dark Grey Wall paint (Matt or gloss… your personal preference) I chose my own custom colour in B&Q for £3 for a tester pot. Didn’t need more than that and I was left with half a tub too.
  • Paint Brush- Something I already had
  • Masking Tape- £1
  • Gold Spray Paint- Was a little pricy at £4 but there is some left over for another project.
  • Wooden Triangle Shelving- I bought these from a local work works guy whom I found on eBay, he was selling 3 shelfs for £10, which was reasonable for something that was hand made.
  • Dylon ‘Smoke Grey’ washing machine fabric dye- I decided to go for the washing machine dye, as the hand dye (I thought) was time consuming and didn’t know what to expect. Cost a little more than the hand dyes at £4 but was worth the results I got after simply popping it into the machine and then into the dryer.
  • White Towel and White Pedestal Mat- This is something that I had already.
  • Vinyl Stickers in Gold & Grey- These can be found everywhere on the internet, I bought these Matt gold and Matt grey triangle stickers from eBay for just £2.50. This saves you cutting them out yourself, each triangle is the same size and made this DIY much easier.

Total Project Cost = £24.50


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Thank you for reading. Any questions please feel free to comment below.


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