About Me

Welcome to DIY Daughter!

A little bit about me… My name is Greta, I am a 20-something young entrepreneur running multiple businesses in the UK. But this blog is not about my passion for business and entrepreneurship, this is about my creative, fun and less bossy-serious side.

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved interior design and I was always making detailed houses from shoe boxes with beds, pillows even the wallpaper! and just crafting together something from nothing. Art, graphic design, photography and woodworks were always my favourite subjects.

The reason for the name ‘DIY Daughter’ is because I follow the passion for DIY from my lovely Mum, whom was always redecorating, building, painting, tilling, you name it! My mum done everything handy and Do-It-Yourself in the house.

So I decided to start this blog and name it ‘my sketchbook’ of projects and ideas that I would love to share with you. So the reason for starting this blog is to get me away from my everyday busy (and mostly stressful) business life and to put together projects and DIY’s that help me relax and kick away that stress!

So, welcome to my sketchbook!

I will also shortly upload videos of my DIY’s onto this blog and my YouTube Chanel (Coming soon)

Please follow, comment and share with me your versions of my DIY’s.